Veraview IC5 HD

Veraview IC5 HD е следващото поколение панорамен рентгенов апарат, който ще ви даде цифрови експозиции с изключителна яснота на изображението, контраст и резолюция при супер висока скорост.
  •     Времето за сканиране на изображения е най-краткото в сравнение с всички останали апарати
  •     Висока резолюция
  •     Перфектно качество на изображението
  •     Бързо и лесно позициониране на пациента благодарение на тройния лазерен лъч

Високата скорост на експонация, отнемаща само 5,5 секунди
Висока разделителна способност
Изключително ясни изображения с възможно най-добър контраст и равномерност - много ниска доза на излъчване.
Намален размер на пикселите с 75%, създаващ превъзходни изображения с по-висока разделителна способност.
Бързо и лесно позициониране на пациента
Интегриран троен лазерен лъч за лесно и точно позициониране на средната сагитална равнина
Качество на изображението се постига благодарение на новата технология DDAE (директно автоматично дигитализиране на образа)
Рентгеновите експозиции не изискват настройки на параметри kV или mA. Просто изберете желаната програма: Panorama, TMJ или PEDO.


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The super high speed exposure takes only 5.5 seconds and therefore gives the patient a very low dose.
The super high speed mode in combination with the new high definition mode (10-second scan) will fill all your panoramic imaging needs.


New and improved definition of 96 µm (10-second scan) for the ultimate high-definition image.


DDAE controls the X-ray tube current (mA) simultaneously by detecting X-rays passing through the patient. This improves the dynamic range, and, along with Automatic Exposure (AE), results in exceptionally clear images with the best possible contrast and even density. The automatic exposure level can be adjusted to meet your individual requirements.
Pixel size is reduced 75 % compared with the former model, so it produces superior images of a higher resolution.


Power-assisted lift makes patient positioning easier than ever. No need to set tube voltage and current.
Power-assisted movement
The motor-assisted lift system with slow-start and slow-stop function provides the easy and accurate height adjustment. The overload detector will automatically halt the elevation for the patient safety.
Triple laser beam for easy positioning
Veraview IC5 HD utilizes three lasers that align the Frankfurt plane, the mid-sagittal plane and the image layer, making patient positioning very easy.
Fully automatic X-ray loading factor
X-ray exposures require no kV or mA parameter settings. Simply select the desired program: Panorama, TMJ or PEDO.


Direct current produces high energy X-rays, thereby reducing the soft X-rays which are absorbed by the human body during the exposure. Also, the primary slit of Veraview IC5 HD is narrower. The image has a wider image layer, providing greater detail.
Standard panoramic (OPG 1,3)
Clear, sharp images with a wide image layer. The thick, specifically designed image layer accommodates all possible variations of dental arch shapes and sizes to produce extremely clear and sharp images.
Pedodontic panoramic at reduced radiation
For examinations of children or people with small jaws, the rotation range of the arm is diminished, thereby further reducing radiation exposure.
TMJ quadruple exposures: For open and closed condyle views
Four separate shots of condyle fit onto one image. In each case, two sets of rotation for left and right condyle head for open and closed condition.
Veraview IC5 HD - Radiation exposure
The concept of “safety” counts two-fold in X-ray diagnostics: the safety of the diagnosis and radiation safety.
All legal regulations of the EU have the same objective (ALARA principle):  low dose radiation exposure and high-resolution images.
With an industry-best exposure time* of 5.5 seconds, the Veraview IC5 HD is not only significantly faster than conventional film-based panoramic systems, but also requires much less radiation.
For more information about the X-ray dose of the Veraview IC5 HD, see here:
* As of January 2010






  • Veraview IC5 HD incl. one CD software, 3-year warranty (Order no. 1380)
  • Test specimen holder 2D Pan - included in the equipment price; must be ordered extra in countries with statuory constancy testing (Order no. 1380-100)
Spareparts and accessories
  • 5 port. switch (Order no. 1340-003)
  • Wandmounting (Order no. N6350039)
  • Chin rest (Order no. N6351081)
Veraview IC5 HD
Input voltage
AC100 V/115 V/120 V (Ex-1)
220 V/ 230 V/ 240 V (Ex-2)
X-ray head (DC Inverter)
Veraview IC5 HD
Power consumption
0.85 kVA
Operating tube voltage
60 - 70 kV automatic control
Operating tube current
1 - 7.5 mA automatic control
Direct current
Oil cooling
Tube focal area
0.5 mm
Exposure time
High-speed mode: 5.5 sec./ 192 μm
High-definition mode: 10 sec./ 96 μm
Light beams
Mid-sagittal plane, Frankfurt plane
Image layer light beam
Emission switch
Deadman type
Outer dimensions
Veraview IC5 HD
Body dimension
W 35“ x D 38¼“ x 92½“
(W 890 x DT 970 x H 2350 mm)
Control box dimension
W 4⅞“ x D 2⅜“ x H 4¾“
(W 125 x D 60 x H 120 mm)
Required installation area
8.7 sq. ft. (0.86 m²)
approx. 242.5 lb. (110 kg)
  • Прегледи: 2091
  • Производител: Morita / Japan /
  • Модел: Veraview IC5 HD
  • Наличност: Предварителна поръчка
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